Monday, January 3, 2011

Put your hands up !

I got this video from Maria's blog and yeah she is so funny. Ceyy cakap omputih mak. She is so so good in english. Fluently. Im not too good but too bad. Apa ni.

Okay here goes ;

Ohh yaa, this video just randomly bukan saja nak tumpang famous amos Maria ke apa ha. Sori spamming your timeline. *tiba2
Its all about the reason you can go shopping alone by yourself. Memang pun shopping sorang lagi best.
I wonder why semua orang nak publish Maria punya video, watch it first. Nahh. Then uolls pun nak publish. Kan kan.
Btw HAI TO MARIA. I pinjam video u :) xx

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